Friends Are Electric


Friends Are Electric


The Brief:

To communicate a diverse, design-led business built on the idea of ‘Creative People Doing a World of Good’. Currently a cafe, store and creative consultancy, Friends Are Electric collaborates with people and brands that are looking to make a positive impact on the world we live in. The brand needed to be able to easily showcase collaborators and communicate a sense of warmth - while still being ‘cool’ enough to make doing good an aspiration.


The Response:

An eclectic brand with diverse elements unified under the idea of ‘creatively doing good’, a distinct tone of voice and common ground - which Friends Are Electric shares with its various audiences as much as the brands it collaborates with.

The brand mark enables FAE to bring its friends to the fore, providing a window in which to feature them.


Brand and content strategy: Friends Are Electric

Brand mark: Mr M Ideas Studio

Site design and development: Panacea Studio

Interior design: Friends Are Electric

Communications: Friends Are Electric

Tom Exon