Rebecca Rymsza


Rebecca Rymsza


The Brief:

To relaunch a bespoke knitwear brand with a new name, position and visual identity that would communicate what it takes to design and produce hand-knitted garments, and help customers to understand the uniqueness and value of true slow fashion.


The Response:

The brand and content strategies collided to develop a visual identity built around the idea of Fair Play, which has become the brand’s signature line, designed in the style of a knitting pattern. Each label states the time and materials it took to create each garment, which is always unique in design.

It’s been received with enthusiasm and applauded by other designers, makers and creatives who struggle to put a value on their time, with many requests to ‘steal’ the brand’s idea.


Brand and content strategy: Friends Are Electric

Visual Identity: Yvette NG

Tom Exon